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Kitty Hitter by Andy Straka


Review by Jackie Paulson © 2012


I read the first of Andy Straka’s first book Cold Quarry earlier this year on my kindle for my computer.  This is a wonderful mystery book with Private investigators seeking for answers.   I really did not have much interest in Hawks or Falcons before I read his books.  Now that I have read two of his books I can learn from him about them and so can you.  His research is well done on his book.


The book opens with a conversation between Darla Barnes and Franco.  Its 4th of July weekend in Charlottesville with an 85 degree temperature.  The conversation tells of Dr. Korva Lonigan (pediatric oncologist), she hired the private investigators to investigate why her cat was missing.  Lonigan has no children and is not married.  She thinks someone killed her cat on purpose.  She is very wealthy and an animal rights activist and will stop at nothing to find out how her cat went missing.  The cat is an angora named Groucho.


The hunt to find out about the missing cat starts with evidence of falcon feathers being left behind.  The clues lead to so much more fun with the next chapter and the next.  Darla and her father are lead to Central park and other areas for information concerning missing links to the missing cat.


The new owners of the apartment complex that Korva Lonigan is behind most of the story.  If you want to find out the rest of the book, you have to read it.  I loved it and found that the characters were a great fit for the story line.  This is a fast read with a mystery to keep you guessing into the last pages of the book.


© 2012  I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.