Regaining Control By Tami Brady
When Love Becomes a Prison written by Jackie Paulson © 2012
Review the book dot-com has given me a free copy of this book for my review. I have read around 86 books in the year 2012 and hope my reviews give you what you need to either choose a book or if you prefer not to read it.
Tami Brady’s book will help you to identify, define and work toward a life full of healthy interactions and personal contentment. If you wish to break free of control, regain your self esteem, and increase your own self-reliance, this book will have all that you need. The book will help you with your personal journey and give you what resources you need, what skills you need, and how to become content, self-reliant and in control of you and not others. It will help with all sorts of situations, personality types and life challenges. You will work through exercises that keep you thinking and journaling beyond reading the book. The book gives you insights into who you really are as a unique person. It will guide you step by step and help you break free of what causes your dependency issues and make the changes you need to become a whole person which in turn creates a happier lifestyle.