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The Fourth Fisherman by Joe Kissack    A True Story

Written by Jackie Paulson © 2012

Jackie Paulson Book Review © 2012

On Oct 8, 2005, five fishermen prepared to launch a 27 foot boat along the shore of San Blas, a small sea town on the Western Coast of Mexico.

  1. The Captain of the boat called “panga,” Juan David Lorenzo, known as Senor Juan, in his forties and his hobby is to fish.
  2. Salvador Ordonez fishing was his life and he has thirty years of fishing experience,
  3. Lucio Rendon
  4. Jesus Vidana: married with pregnant wife: Jocelyn and son Juan (3 years old).
  5. 5th fisherman is Farsero.

What I did learn is about “A Cimbra.”  It is a handmade, strong nylon fiber, worth 3000.00 US dollars, more than a year’s wages for a fisherman.

If something got “caught” in it, for example a stingray can shred a Cimbra easily.

In such a case, a fisherman will take off all their clothes, grab a shark knife, dive into the water, and slice off the wings of the stingray with surgical precious even as the sting-ray is trying to kill the fisherman, all to prevent damage the net (Cimbra).

On the first night, the wind shifted and awoke Salvador, also known as “Chava.”  A Storm approaching 40 mph winds, fifteen foot swells, and one swell lifted the boat 30 feet high.  The men watched most of their supplies fly out of the boat.

When the storm finally subsided, they took stock of the supplies.  The Cimbra was nowhere to be found.  They remained on the water for two days searching for it and not enough fuel to get back to land.  They knew they were in trouble now.   With no gas, no engine, they drifted out at sea for four days with no food and no water.

Salvador says, “We have God above us, He is always with us.  We have a Bible.  We have to pray.”

Without food and water the only constant source of nourishment on the boat was the Bible.

13 days into the sea, drifting and hoping for any rescue boat or any boater was their only hope.

They spot a “caguma” which is a forty pound sea turtle.  They capture it and drink its blood to live on.

This book goes back and forth on three areas:

  • Joe Kissack and his personal life and marriage
  • The Five Fishermen
  • Joe’s life before he let Christ into his life and afterwards

Joe’s job was to license the rights of television programs to broadcast stations across the country, also known as syndication.  He was very successful and did this for at least ten years.  I really did not like the way the book was laid out, because in one chapter you have the story of the fishermen at sea.  Then the next was about Joe and his wife, how they met and so on.  Then it touched on Joe’s luxurious lifestyle.  Then it showed how Joe had it all to giving it all up to the surrender of what Christ wants for his life and family.    This is how Joe ends up finding out about the fisherman and doing an interview of them when they are found after 286 days at sea, lost.

I loved the true story and the book tells of much more detail and I loved it.  This is a book where I could compare Jesus and feeding the 5,000.  The miracles that are given when we see it and don’t lose hope.  I was sad in some parts of the book and could not believe what they did to survive on their boat for food and water.  I am not a fisherman or woman, but if you are one, this book will grab you by the “balls” literally, and take you on the ride of your life.

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