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Fully Alive by Ken Davis
I would like to say that I received a copy of this book for free for
my honest review.  I love to tell a little bit about the books I do
This book written by Ken Davis is a “wake-up” and live book!  Ken is
in his 60’s when he and his wife, Diane drove three granddaughters up
an old abandon mining road in the mountains in Colorado to camp.  They
road their ATV Four wheelers and enjoyed the day building a camp site.
As they all search for firewood and Jadyn is given a big branch to
bring back to the camp, she suddenly goes missing.   Ken is frantic
and pleas with God to take him and bring her back!  He says to God, I
will do anything, just bring Jadyn back.  As everyone is out looking
for the lost camper and young girl in the wilderness, Ken has his wake
up moment!  When Jadyn is returned safe and sound by only what Ken
calls a miracle, he knew right then that he was dead in his life…a
zombie…just going through the moments of life and not fully living.
Oh how we all know that feeling…begging for God to do this and do
that, and to work a 9-5 job and just “exist” in this bad economy of
2012.  After reading this story, I felt like I have to do “something”
or “anything” to wake myself out of this sore existence of life that I
am living now.
There is a part in the book that says, remember when you were in
school and you got to choose, A –B-C-or D as a choice on a test
question?  Well D means “none of the above,” and we all need to chose
to live our lives fully now, in this moment, because today is all we
are gifted with by God.  It is up to each of us to come to terms with
I really loved the photos in the middle of this book, which added such
a nice personal touch to this true story.
QUOTE: God says, I don’t carry you through anything I don’t want to
use you for.”

© 2012  Written by Jackie Paulson