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Terror Flower by Thomas Hollyday

Review written by Jackie Paulson © 2012

Thomas Hollyday creates a story which starts out telling his readers how Captain Bob, whom is a fisherman, is found dead. He was found by Hiram Jones calls the coast guard. Captain Bob has a dog, retriever who is on the boat when the coast guard tows it to the dock. Captain Bob is seen as a “drowned” victim of his own. The odd thing is that the vines and seaweed is something that Captain Bob is familiar with so it was odd that he could be found dead, drowned and no one seeing anything! The grandson doesn’t believe the story and wants a full investigation. There is a sort of Island or port where Captain Bob went daily and by it is a wealthy oil man whose name is William Strake, the owner of a large farm in north of the town located on the Island. The investigation and withdrawal from public life of a wealthy oilman and his daughter, as well as several deliveries during the night, point to his involvement in the death. Jim Tench is on the investigation to solve the mystery of how Captain Bob was murdered.

I really liked that this was an investigation thriller of how one man was found dead.  Since Captain Bob was experienced in the area of where he was found, and at fishing it was interesting where the investigation leads.  Just when I thought I knew it was the nephew a surprising twist comes to play with my brain.  I felt like I was there in each of the scenes and I could imagine myself being there as if it were happening to my brother.

I enjoyed reading this mystery, thriller as each page led me to want to keep on reading until the mystery was solved.

© 2012 This was a free book given to me for my honest review.


4.0 out of 5 stars A Short Murder Mystery August 11, 2012

By Jackie Paulson

Format: Paperback