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Twelve Months by Steven Manchester

COMING OUT AUG 15th 2012!

Thanks to Steven for my free copy – Here is my review:


This book reminded me of reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.
If you did not get the chance to read that book you really should read it.

My question to all of you is, what would you do with your life if you
had one year to live? For me, I just could not imagine that!
Although both of these books and both men get the diagnoses of Cancer
with the life expectancy left of 12 months.

I know that if you know someone who has been diagnosed with Cancer
that this book will tell you the life lessons that need to be shared
with the world. It’s like we all wait to live our lives until a major
thing happens to us in our lives. So when Don MiMarco retired at the
age of 57, all he wants to do is be with his loved ones and share with
his two grandkids.

Don married Isabella and they had one daughter named Riley. Riley got
married to Michael and they had two kids, Madison and Michael. This
is whom Don wants to spend all of his last days with. The book talks
about taking a trip down memory lane and then the last days of his
life. It is told with such grace and inspiration that tears fell down
as I read the words.

After reading both books in one year, I have decided to take another
look at my own life. I am thinking to myself, would I still want to
do today and tomorrow what I am doing if I got the same diagnoses of
cancer ad twelve months to live? So in this moment of time we all
need to stop and think about that and then make a plan to do something
about it and actually do it before it’s too late.

This book is well written and something that will bring tears, but
know that the authors intention is to share one story in order to help