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One Woman’s Struggles to fight for Life, August 8, 2012

This review is from: In All Things Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost (Paperback)

In All Things by Laura Smith was given to me by the author. She sure knows how to touch a person’s heart, mind and soul. She tells of her story in order to bless others. She believes God wants her message in the hands of those who have suffered the loss of a child through miscarriage or abortion. I believe that it is in telling our stories that we can find the courage and hope to heal ourselves.

Laura Smith graduated from high School in May of 1983. In two weeks still be getting married and starting her new life. Her parents were moving from Minnesota to Washington State. (They lost their dairy farm due to foreclosure). The wedding was done in Laura’s back yard in Jacobson, MN.

In the fifth month of Laura’s marriage she became pregnant. What is odd is that her husbands behavior of drinking, drug suspicion and empty promises were an obvious relationship problem. Either way, Laura had Paige and Victoria in her first marriage. She got her divorce in 1987 only four years of marriage. I have to say I would not last that long. I understand that the story is real, and heartfelt. I have no idea how she endured all that she did and did not end up worse off. Yes, Laura ends up leaving him, getting help from welfare, and living house to house as a single mother.

It was a tear jerker to say the least. She meets her current husband, Tony and they endure more trials and disappointments along the way. They both have a strong relationship with God and their faith sustains everything. This book has touched my life and I hope yours as well. Laura had a lot of courage and strength to tell of her struggles and loss of loved ones. In the end, it is their faith in God that keeps pulling them through each lesson as God directs their paths.

Thank you Laura that you wrote your book, it will help countless others with how to survive as you did in their lives of difficulties.

Jackie Paulson © 2012