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Jump-Start Guide by Margaret Cook
For a start up online Business

If you are looking to create an additional source of income, then this
is a first step guide on how to do that in the most exact terms.
Without spoiling the book I wish to
write out the basics and when you read the book all of the information
you will need is provided.
1. Have an Idea List
Write out the things you know a lot about
Write out the things people ask you about
What items do you have a lot of hanging around the house that
could be used to sell?

2. Make it your goal to make extra income and start doing just that.
3. Create a Goal in writing and do your reserach.
4. List your budget (the book gives a great worksheet to guide you with).
5. Brainstorm names for your company, service or products you want to sell.
6. Register your own domain name
7. Get your own hosting
8. Create your website with the suggestion that wordpress.org is
really easy to use and sto start out your business with
9. Use the Plug ins or learn them
10. Set up a pay pal account and or a google checkout account
11. Print on demand list of reserouces
12. Create your own business cards-us vista print for them as it is
the cheaptest and easierst and fastest way to get your business going.

Matthew 6:33 ” But seek first the kingdom of Christs righteiousness,
and all these things will be tgiven to you as well.”

I wish to thank the author Margaret Cook, M.Ed, L.P.C. whom is a
licensed professional cuonserlor and life coach for letting me review
her Jum start guide for fee for myhonest review.

I have to say that I want to publish books and I am starting to get my
own business giong: (Professional Book Reviewer), and her guide takes
you thorough each of the necessary steps that I or you can take to
start up any business of your choice. She has an extensive list of
resources and links to help me or you for only our gain in turning our
business into a success. My wish is for you to pick up a copy of this
book and pass it along to others whom are sincere in starting their
own business online, and have no idea where to start.
Please comment below and (…). Thank you for taking the time
to review what I have written for Margaret Cook.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson