30 Isn’t old by Colette Petersen © 2009

I would like to thank review the book dot com for a free copy of this book for my review.

When Colette wrote this book she was 30, not married or having children.  It is popular in today’s society for others to question as to why.  As Colette was being questioned about the ways of her life, she felt the need to write about it in this book.  It is a wonderful book with stories of others and their feelings of turning 30.

This book is a reminder to set goals and to pay attention to your life and remember that birthdays are wonderful milestones.  This book can be read from front to back or you can pick the chapters that mean something to you.  Each chapter starts with a biography of one of the participants.  Once the women are introduced it will show you that they are regular woman, not some move star and will remind you that all woman do not aspire to be celebrities, models or someone famous.  The participants of this project which Colette Peterson accomplished do confirm that we all have something in common to talk about and discuss.

After the biography, each chapter includes a discussion about an aspect of being successful, along with research on each topic and insights learned from the interviews.

For example it starts out with, “what age did you look forward to most?”

I enjoyed this easy to read and I will keep it as a coffee table book to chat with my girlfriends when they visit.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson