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Heal your life through Shamanism, July 9, 2012

This review is from: The Shaman Speaks: How to use the Power of Shamanism to Heal Your Life Now (Hardcover)

The Shaman Speaks by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls was published in 2011. I have received a free copy from review the book dot come for my review. If you are interested in expanding your own awareness and healing then take advantage of reading this book. The author has the experience and expertise in her teaching shamanism methods. Shamanism is a spiritual teacher, or spiritual leader who has special abilities to heal others. The definition varies depending on the cultural beliefs.
This book has 45 questions that the author answers from millions of emails over the years of her practice. She has so much to offer each reader as they are guided through each question and answer in her book. You will easily learn from this easy to read book and I highly recommend that you read it. If you have questions the author has email and a site to help you.
I have an open mind, and have studied Shamanism. I am currently learning the Apache Indian ways of the practice of shamanism. It is easy to learn and understand, but I believe we are all gifted in our own ways.
© 2012 Written By Jackie Paulson