When I received a copy of Mathias B. Freese’s book “This Möbius Strip of Ifs,” I did not know what to expect as I love to read books. I have to say that when I got the book I did not make it a priority as I should have now that I have finished reading it. I wonder if my review will compel others to want to read it as I regret not reading it sooner. I feel the level of writing and original content is by far exceptional. The thought process of the author is deep and emotional. This is the first book I have read from Mr. Freese and now I hope to read all of his novels as his writing style is very intelligent. This book will make you think, about life and things and want to do something.

Yes, a collection of Mathias B. Freese’s Essay’s in the book formatted into chapters of original writing as a work of art. Displayed into an array of emotional, physical, spiritual emotions to bring you to the essence of who the author really is as a human being.

Mathias Freese worked as a school teacher for 32 years which he expressed was a waste of time because of the environment and structure. He felt he was forced to work and his students were forced to adapt. I have to say this is how I did feel growing up.

Mathias Freese became a therapist and insists that each of us must find the truth for ourselves in order to be free of Society, conditioning, and self-imposed constraints. Wow! I hear him loud and clear that conformity is just not what real life should be! When he adds that schools want professional instruction performed by teachers “Who knew their place,” I applauded. Oh how this is true. The teachers get paid to do what they are told, the students must obey. I grew up in the 1960’s and heaven forbid if I did not do what the “nun” asked of me! I would get my ears pulled, or slapped with a ruler! Talk about conforming! I did this all too well.

Freese makes a statement, “Life is a series of losses and change.” That really does sum up the life lived whether it is tidy or untidy.

Did you grow up in a computer world at your hands? I sure did not! Freese grew up in a pre computer era of the 1950’s. His thought process is clearly of a personal side of awareness and warning to those who read his book. Life is about creativity and if you conform than creativity does not exist! What do you think?!

He also says, ” writing is much like parenting, one is never done with it.” Oh how true that statement is too! Bravo!

I think we all have our personal losses and so did Freese as he wrote his thoughts onto paper to publish his books. Since 1998, he had his oldest daughter at age 34 commit suicide. I just cannot imagine what a father would do to cope with such a loss. I have lost my mother when I was 5! But this is not about me it is about the author! In 1998 he lost his wife to a horrific car accident. He had another daughter whom suffered bodily injuries and her boyfriend died in the accident. Si two years in a row Freese went through is own “holocaust” of deaths.

I would say this is a tribute to his life and his memories while they are still alive in him. At age 67, his greatest pleasure is in watching his son, (Jordan) find his way in life as an artist as Jordan writes a script play which is a Kung fu script. How amazing is that!

Oh how I could go on and on…I am reminded of the “BOOK OF JOB” in the bible as Job lost everything! In the end the greater blessings came to him. I feel that with each life we endure hardships to learn lessons from them. Yes, even to write about them as Mr. Freese shares. It was a pure honor to read this book and with great expectations of all of Mr. Freese’s future books.  If you get the change to devour this wonderful book and gain insights please hit like below and share a comment.

Bless you all, © 2012 written by Jackie Paulson