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All My Love, Detrick by Roberta Kagan

The author gave me a free unedited copy of this wonderful book. I recently watched a documentary:  (Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State).  This book does follow the dates and times of the concentration camp and all the history behind the Nazi’s and Hitler.  If you enjoy the movie or documentary you will love this book.  The best part of the book is the Love story between Detrick and Leah.

I think the story should have been broken down into smaller increments as this book was very long to read.  The story is set in Nazi occupied Europe.  It follows the lives of two families, one Jewish and one German.  They are brought together by a forbidden kind of love.


Prologue: Berlin, Germany in 1923

Detrick: Born 1st

Helga: Born 2nd

Father: Hans

Mother: Inga

After Germany lost the war, Hans could not find work.  He becomes depressed and drinks a lot at a local tavern.  (I have a feeling many did do just that after the war).

-Inga bought Detrick a new (used Bike), they were not so rich for his 7th Birthday.  He begs to take it out for a ride and gets into an accident and he is too embarrassed and humiliated to go through town to get home.   So he takes the (long) way home and stops at a shop.  While there Jacob Abdenstern befriends Detrick.  The two kids work out a deal to fix the bike in exchange for work services since Jacob and his father will not exchange money.

Chapter 1-Detrick works for Jews.

Konrad Klausen is best friends with Detrick as they grew up together.  Konrad is not Jewish. Konrad tries to convince Detrick to attend a rally in the center of town to hear “the speaker Adolph Hitler.”

Chapter 2- Detrick has a dream to win the Olympics.  The reason is to make lots of money to help his mother for all she does for him.  He observed his father’s abuse to his mother and the drinking abuse.  This was very hard on him as a boy.

Chapter 3-Karl Abdenstern “Being a Jew in Germany Singled Karl out as a n enemy of the state and each passing day he felt the hatred  pointed firmly in his direction, coming from the eyes of gentile classmates.  The rise in anti-Semitism poisoned the lives of Jews.”

Chapter 4-Leah Abdenstern (Karl’s her brother) is best friends with Dorothy Silver.  Leah loved to read, listen to classic music and plays piano.  Dorothy Silver loved to sing jazz, and dance swing.

Chapter 6- Dorothy Silver and her family move to Chicago for better work conditions and pay.  Then the story keeps unfolding where I could not put down this book.

The ending will surprise you and shock you as the reality of what is happening at the time of the war.

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© 2012 Jackie Paulson


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