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Touching the World through Reiki by Eileen Dey

Back in 2007, I received my first Reiki Treatment in my own home.  The experience is so delightful that I have a collection of stones and books for my own attunement.  Reiki is not for everyone, if you have an open mind to nontraditional healing, then Reiki might be a new option you could consider.  Each person has a unique process but this book will give you:

  1. Methods to healing
  2. Guided mediations
  3. Energy healing process

Reiki is pronounced “Ray-Key”, and is living energy that heals. You can use Reiki for; illness, addictions, depression, anxiety, grief.  And, Reiki manages to have a positive impact on all these ailments.  But, with its amazing ability to heal, people often forget that an amazing use of Reiki is to combat stress.  Reiki is a fantastic way to deal with, manage and release stress we all experience.  If you want to heal and change your life for the better than pick of a copy of this book today.

I want to thank review the book dot com for a free copy of this book for my review.

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