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One Big Thing by Phil Cooke

(Discovering what you were born to do)

As I looked on Amazon I have found that I am the first one to post a review about this book!  This is a First for Phil Cooke and his book and for me as well.  I would love to thank BookSneeze for giving me a free copy for my honest review.

Quote: “When you can do common things in uncommon ways, you’ll command the attention of the world.”  I believe in this statement because if Gandhi, Mother Theresa or Princess Diana did things in the usual way or common way, they would not have gotten “noticed.”  So in trying to figure out your one big thing as I am, we have to find something we love to do with a passion, and then make it our goal to make it our only focus.

I am searching as you may be for finding out what our life passion is and to be able to share it (whatever our it) is with the world!

Questions to ask:

  • Whom do you want to influence?
  • What do others do that drives you nutty? (That is your topic of passion)!
  • What do you love to do but another would find it challenging?

This book will help you with:

  • Practical strategies
  • Job vs. passion
  • Tools to keep you focuses
  • Real life examples and stories
  • Insights for connecting your calling to a cause bigger than yourself
  • Ignite your creative spark and hare it with the world

The Cause within you and Life without limits are two great examples of books that the authors went out and found their One Big Thing.  If you have not read them; (1) Matthew Barnett‘s The Cause within You will reshape your life and what you are doing. So many people are not happy with what they are doing, or have thrown in the towel on life. This book will have you re-evaluating the things that you are doing and remind you that we are all called to serve other people’s needs. Once we see that we are making the first step to finding our cause. (2) Life without Limits by Nick Vujicic, where most of us would have given up on living a “normal” life had we been born without arms and legs, Nick redefines normal, and in the process gives all glory to God. Both books compare to this one in the way that the author has found his One Big Thing by being an author and sharing his passion with the world.

I am on a search for my One Big Thing and between all three of these books, I just might get mine figured out in 2012!

May you be blessed by reading my post and please hit LIKE and Comment below.  Thanks so much.

© 2012 written by Jackie Paulson

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