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Secrets of the Monarch (What the Dead Can teach us about living a better Life)

Allison DuBois: the NBC Television Series Medium.

Add part of Allison’s Life’s work, she comforts families who tragically lost their sons and daughters, helps authorities find dangerous criminals, and locates missing persons.  She has three daughters and a supportive husband with her psychic gifts.

Like the monarch butterfly, whose survival as a species depends on it’s predecessors’ actions several generations before, everyone is influenced by their ancestors.  But it is p to individuals, Allison says, to create their own legacies and pass the fire and passion in their lives to their children, their children’s children, and the generations beyond.

This book passes on life lessens she’s learned through communicating with the dead.  If you want to understand life, Allison teaches, you must understand about “Death.”

“Allison believes that a spirit’s energy can be captured on camera in the form of an “orb.”

“Allison thinks people need to think more about what hey miss out on because they are afraid to ask for what they want out of life.  Take a chance and make your time here memorable.  Remember taking risks is what legends are made of.”

“Make every day count.  What you do in life must fulfill you.”

“I’ve learned to live in the moment, love with all you have, and do not let others design who you are.  You be the artist of you.”

“We are not someone else’s project to fix.”

“For those of you out there who are just in a bad place, remember that if you have a void in your life, fill it with something that lifts you up to a higher level.”

Allison donates her time to missing and murdered persons and criminal cases for agencies across the country.  She is contracted by law enforcement agencies and families to help find missing and murdered people.  Allison also assists in jury selection for district attorneys offices.  Allison has been featured on The Today ShowThe Big Idea with Donny DeutschLast Call with Carson Daly, and in countless TV Shows, magazines and newspapers.

My thought is that if I had a missing person, child, family member or such I would hire Allison, wouldn’t you?

This book teaches many insightful lessons on real life.

© 2011 written by Jackie Paulson