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Life without Jealousy by Lynda Bevan


The first book that I read by Lynda Bevan was “Stop being Pushed Around.”  What I loved about the first book is the detail on how to stop being a “victim” in life.  I learned more from Lynda’s book than I have in a long time.  I was offered to read these two books free for my honest review from review the book dot com.

In life without jealousy I wanted to know if I was the jealous type as I always claim that I am not.  I think we can have healthy jealousy and unhealthy jealousy.  The opening of this book asks us questions in order to determine if you or someone you know is the “jealous type.”  This book will help you discover the different types of jealousy and how to overcome it.  By the end of reading this book you will eliminate your questions and begin to heal.

I am learning enough that I hope to get a copy of each of the 10 empowerment series that Lynda has published.  This is book #4 in the series.

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