Stop being Pushed Around (A Practical Guide) by Lynda Bevan

I loved to learn more about being a “victim.”  Are you a victim?  Does Fear control you?  How do you become a victim?  Do you want to change? The process of change takes time and patience with yourself and with others.  This book gives you a guide written by experienced therapists for solving real life problems, once and for all.  If you feel you are a “victim: or living with one this book answers all of your questions.

  • What victims “thinking process involves.”
  • How to stop being a victim and go to the role of survival.
  • Identifying how you become a victim and how to you can change your thinking and behavior.

This book is necessary to relive your past in order to find out how and why you become a victim.  Then you can permantely heal.  You will learn how to go from being emotionally dependant on your partner to becoming emotionally independent.

I really learned all I wanted to know about being a victim and how to get out of it.  I think most women feel like a victim at some point in their lives.  This book will help me as well as you to break free, finally.

I would like to thank Review The Book for my copy in exchange for my honest review.

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