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Stress Point Thriving Through your 20s in a Decade of drama A study by Sarah Francis Martin

Book Sneeze dot come gave me this free copy for my honest review.  This book is about every day real life issues. I have learned how to center Jesus in my life by captivating each story into my own life experiences.

The author, Sarah Francis Martin guides you through tough decisions concerning your;

  • Money
  • Dating
  • Career
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Body image

And transform each one into God best for your life.

The secret is to let Christ be at the focal point of our lives not at the end of our road guy.

Right now, my eyes were opened to make just surviving to thriving in Christ, Daily.  I have a saying, “Gods got your back.”  Remember that!

So since God is always there, just go to Him first with everything like;

  • Your bills
  • Bank account
  • Job
  • Job interview
  • Broken heart
  • Drama (etc).

And declare, that Jesus takes those issues and you are free of stress.

Each chapter introduces a different name of God that the author elaborates on Christ’s Character.


  • Wait on Christ and his timing
  • Focus on Christ alone
  • Journal and get answers for your life
  • Do exercises to help you along your self discovery and life transforming issues the Godly way.
  • Walk with you and invite Christ into every corner of your life.  “If Christ is not your Focal Point, Go back to that.”

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