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How to read a book in one day even if you work a job

Can you read a book a day? I know I can. Some of my family and friends wonder how I do this and still keep my full time job.  So your question is, how do you do it?

For me to answer this is quite easy because I have a passion for knowledge and reading.  Around two years ago I decided that I wanted to become an author.  I was in a challenge at http://personalexcellence.co/blog/

I bought and downloaded the ebooks and started my journey to finding out what I am really passionate about. 

Here is an interview about Celestine Chua who is the author:http://www.theimquest.com/internet-marketers-quest/bailey-interviews-celestine-chua-personal-excellence-blog/ which is dated Aug 10, 2010!

This is the first interview on The Internet Marketers Quest and I was really excited to have the opportunity to speak to the personal development expert herself.

This is an overview of what Celes shared with me during the interview:

– The 4 key things you must do to accelerate your success in your online business.

– Unlock the power of her highly effective goal setting technique that ensures you hit your goals every time.

– Learn how Celes grew her list from 1700 to 8000 subscribers in the space of just 4 months.

– Know what to do if you’re frustrated and disappointed with the lack of progress of your business.

– 2 Simple ways you can keep motivated and focused when you lose momentum.

– How to manage your time for maximum productivity.

Download the audio interview and read the transcript here

I gained a lot in doing the interview with Celes and I know you will too.  I highly recommend you take your time to take some notes during the interview because she reveals the exact steps she used herself to create her blog and business success in just a year and a half.

In hind sight, I realized there were many more questions I wanted to ask Celes.  If you have any things you would like to ask or know more about, why not suggest your questions in the comments section below.  Maybe she would be happy to do a second interview.

Then I decided that if I am going to be a well-known author I have to network and build relationships and this is why I started my book reviews blog at http://getreadingnow.org.

Then I found http://goodreads.com/  and decided to start logging my book reviews.  ThenGoodReads has a challenge widget that I found helpful to put on my sidebar to track how many books I have read for one year.  I did this in 2011 and now I am doing it for 2012!  I noticed that with my end goal of wanting to read 50 books in one year that I am half way into the year and I can read MORE books!  How exciting is that???

With this all being said, Celestine’s books helped me map out what I really wanted.  It got my juices flowing and it all just fell into place.  This has to be my calling!

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