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You are a Writer by Jeff Goins

Written by Jackie Paulson May 26, 2012

In this book, Jeff will inspire you to claim who you already are.  He will  teach you tips on perfecting your writing, expanding your platform, and getting your writing published.

This book is about falling in love with your own writing and how to focus on just writing.  The selling and publishing is to be left alone and done by others.

You have to be yourself, to speak in a way that is true to you. This step is so important because your life as a writer, matters, so take yourself seriously.

Pros are always looking for a chance to get better and writers write every day.  They find their passion, their voice, and it doesn’t matter to them if others care, they do what they love.

The secret to successful writing as experts say is that if you are supposed to imagine a specific persona and write for them!  Yes, that specific person!  This is a trick marketers use to find their ideal customer.  They choose someone, give them a name, and focus all communication efforts on reaching that specific person.

Jeff’s secret is to write for HIMSELF: JEFF!  So you are to write for YOU!

Jeff notes that if you stop multi-tasking and just focus on your writing and take all distractions away, then you will find your writing voice and be able to conquer all of your writing fears.

If you are going to fall out of love with the public approval, something interesting will happen: people will be attracted to your writing. They will not be able to help it.  Passion is contagious.  If you treat people like humans and write from a place that is deep and true to you, you will find an audience that loves you and your writing!

In the business of writing, you are going to have to be a marketer, an entrepreneur, and a talented salesperson. Learning this trick will help you start to change lives by the writing you put out into the universe.

Every successful writer needs three things:

A platform to share your writing.

YouTube Channel



Newspaper Column

TV Show


You need to have a reason for others to listen.


How do you build a platform?

Get Experience.

Demonstrate competence.

Generate Buss.


The best way to build a platform and earn influence is to get noticed.

How do we do that?

We get rid of noise, distractions, and just help others.

Be a resource for others, to others.  Give to others and always have their best interest in mind.  This is contagious!


Elements of a Brand:

Name: Your name, a brand name, or a pseudonym.

Image: Logo, your face, or custom head photo.

Voice: Your style and tone of communication. It is how others will recognize you.


In essence your brand is your identity.  It is what makes you, YOU!

Think of your brand as a promise, one you get to deliver on with every word you write and article you publish.  Do this with every single book you sign, email you respond to and every fan you meet.  Branding is promises delivered.


1.  Choose a name.

2.  Design your Look.

3.  Find your voice.


You want your writing for others, to move others. Here are questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Describe yourself in a few adjectives.
  2. Take note of your interests: favorite books, movies, music, what do they have in common?
  3. Imagine your ideas reader.  Describe them!  Write a letter to this person.


A Brand will build trust with your readers.

Channels of connection to distribute your art (writing).

Build a reputation by being on social networks like facebook.

Where Do you Start?

  • Start a blog and sharing it.
  • Sign up for twitter
  • Create a facebook page for your brand
  • Build an email list with mailchimp.com
  • Create great work day after day.


Reaching out builds;

  • Fans
  • Friends
  • Patrons


Here are three ways to building a fan base:

  1. Create amazing stuff. Find out what people need and deliver it to them.
  2. Be generous.  reward your readers by giving them free things.  Serve them!
  3. Ask permission.  Never assume, always invite.


How to get patrons to notice you?

  • Ask.
  • Interview.
  • Stay in touch.


To get published you need to ask yourself three things?

  1. Am I serious?
  2. Am I committed?
  3. Am I prepared to be challenged?


What every Pitch needs:

  • Personal salutation
  • Introduction of yourself
  • Samples of your work
  • An abstract of each article
  • Closing with your contact info, including a link to your website

*Jeff gives a template to use


Publishing is about having the right connections.  Be persistent!

I have to say that is the most informative book I have read in 2012.  If you are a writer and need motivation and inspiration then this book will give you that kick you need to start writing!  Thank you Jeff for this opportunity to write a review on your book and to be able to share with the world what writing is all about.  May all who read this be blessed!
© 2012  Jackie Paulson All rights reserved.