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The Evolutionary Glitch (rise above the root of your problems) by Dr. Albert Garoli


If you are looking to get to the root of all of your problems and find your life path, this author has formulated a theory that you will want to read.  Dr. Albert Garoli is a practitioner and teacher of traditional Chinese and oriental medications.  This book provides a clear detailed description of our evolutionary flaws, gives exercises and techniques we can use to get rid of these flaws, so we can resonate with our life’s goals.

This book will show you how to express natural inborn tendencies and the positive effects that a rebuilt conscious mind has to offer.  It will provide concepts ad life changing models that anyone can do, with practice.  The author has merged major fields of human research, while explaining it in simple ways for t reader to understand.

For example, one principle is the actual state of our health, welfare and success which is the result of our past actions, with our over medicated society, rather than looking at what brought us our conditions and stopping those bad behaviors and attitude, we silence the symptoms with chemicals.

We are taught to know our own bodies and rather than to be conditioned to distract our focus for what really matters to get results in healing the right way.

The key: in order to heal, you must not cure the symptoms but the temperament.

In this book, you will discover which of the six major types of personae you have and be able to free yourself from the power it has over you.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who needs to be living the life of their dreams, wants to get results in healing and learning about the human body and what makes us tick.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson