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Learning Thai by Russ Crowley and Duangta Wanthong Mondi (the great adventure)

If you want a complete how to guide on Thai then this is the only book you will ever need.  I also could use in my library of references as it talks about the beginning of Thai to the End in an easy to understand format.   It guides through learning the letters of the alphabet, to reading, speaking and understanding Thai for the beginner, like me!

In today’s business would and if you travel Thai is something you might want to pick up as a second or third language.  At first Thai is boring but after a while it all seems to fall into place with a little practice. I love to hear sounds and learn on video so with that said, this really is a complete manual on Thai.

The way the tones are explained might at first seem so confusing but the same tones are used in English!  Did you know that there are 40 consonants, several for the same sound; 4 for “s”, 4 for “t”, 3 for “k”, and about 20 vowels and a dozen extra symbols? Not to mention some letters that can be used in several different ways, depending on the context. So with that said, this is such a wonderful book to learn from.

If you want a quick reference guide, this is all you need to read. It shows the steps on the sounds, shapes and pronunciation until you understand it completely.  I have to say that I was overwhelmed at the amount of information this book provided.  I think that the person who wants to learn Thai will learn it with this book.


© 2012 Jackie Paulson




Learning Thai, (Memory Aids) by Russ Crowley and Duangta wanthong Mondi

This book makes it easier to understand Thai and more of a companion book to the first book.  It includes;

  • The Thai Alphabet
  • The Consonant Sounds
  • Vowel Sounds

What this guide does is help the learning process of Thai so much easier. It shows us in a visual way how easy it is to learn such a wonderful language for the first time.  At first it can come across as too much information but while following each page in order, it all comes into balance and make actual sense.

If you wish to learn Thai, this really is the ultimate how to book which clearly explains each step to learning it.

Please note that the Youtube channel is very helpful as well found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XONH63Fl2Ls.

© 2012 Written by Jackie Paulson