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7 Spiritual Strategies

How the enlightenment code can change you by

By Sri Vishwanath

This is a wonderful book and the view point is from Hindu origin.  I am learning Hindu and wish to give my honest review.  This book is written for both men and women who have a burning desire to get in touch with the better part of their personality. Enlightenment is what we all seek and with the proven Hindu spiritual ways you will gain clarity in the purpose of your life.  The author asks thought provoking questions and with an open mind you will learn so much more than the average readers!

This is from the author:

Q: What makes Seven Spiritual Strategies different from other spiritual and self help books?

Sir’s Answer: The heart of Seven Spiritual strategies is the discovery of the Enlightenment Code… Chapter 8 reveals the Ecode (the enlightenment code) who would believe me when I say I was enlightened without a guru and without having spent years in a Himalayan cave?

I had hit upon the superior method, and reached the ultimate destination. The superior method is all that you need to experience this sublime feeling. Everything else is secondary. The usual methods used to attract and inveigle you into the world of spirituality are inferior and should be recognized for what they are. But with the Ecode you’re now on the right track and not likely to be ever derailed.

I am going to try to put to use the Ecode and learn it.  I want more peace in my life and with these methods I think I am on my way to a new discovery.  I hope that when you purchase this easy to read book that you will open your mind and eyes to a new way of life!

© 2012 Jackie Paulson