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Dancing with your Dragon by Shaeri Richards


This is a wonderful book on learning the art of loving your unlovable self.  The author gave me a signed copy of her book for my honest review.  I had planned on getting this up faster but found this book to be one of something I had to do exercises and write out things to help me with learning to love who I am.  If you really want to soak up information and resources for loving oneself this is the one book you will have to pick up!

This book is about living, balanced between the spiritual and material worlds and how to do it properly.  One thing that I learned is how to detach from everything so that I am never disappointed again.  It is when we put expectations onto others even ourselves that creates havoc in our lives.  I also learned that to find your true calling first, you need to believe in yourself first and to not care what others on the outside world say or do because of your decision to do what you want to find your calling.

When something happens in your outer would that disturbs your inner calm, this is a sign to pay attention.  Use the emotional reaction to wake up and look inside to see what is really going on.  Whatever you are uncomfortable on the outside is a reflection of what we are uncomfortable on the inside of us.  The outer world is a mirror for what is happening inside of us.  For example the author expresses that if you hate needy people, it is a sign that you are needy and to not be needy.

Dancing with your dragon is the art of both reclaiming our power and developing the ability to use it wisely.  I wanted to share just a few things that helped me as I read this book.  I really think this is one of my top 3 books for 2012!

© 2012 Jackie Paulson