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Emotional Health by Michael David Lawrience @2011

Michael David Lawrience teaches us how to have complete freedom from drama, trauma, and pain that causes all of our suffering.  As a child Michael took on the role of the invisible child because of his alcoholic dad.  This in turn helped teach Michael how to hide his emotions as he felt unsafe and afraid of his own father’s violence.  So, if you have had this happen to you or something similar then this is just the start of a healing journey you need.  Now that Michael has had his forty-year journey to learn how to recognize, feel, and express his emotions in his life, he shares how you can heal in a healthy way.

In order to heal your emotions you need to heal three things;

  • Trapped emotions in your body
  • Traumas or abuse from your childhood
  • Emotional issues in your DNA

This book was written over a fifteen year cycle based on Michael’s personal life experiences.  Who better to learn from!  That is what I was thinking too.  If you want a complete guide to heal your pain and suffering you will learn how to heal.  You will read stories of people who healed their emotional suffering to gain real freedom.

In Part One of his book he teaches six truths such as;

  1. How to improve your health
  2. How to ease your pain
  3. How to heal your emotions
  4. How to heal your physical and emotional abuse
  5. How to face your fears
  6. How to balance your mind

In Chapter one he discusses how divine grace can ease our pain.  You first have to decide with all of your heart that you want to heal.  Then you take guidance from others and lastly learn to surrender to God.  See we are taught in life belief’s that simply need to be changed in order to heal.  Take all of your pre-programmed teachings and through them away.  All you need is faith and this book as your complete guide to heal for a lifetime.

Michael tells us that it takes courage to want to heal from any suffering or pain you are experiencing.  Why?  To face the unknown, learning to face your truth and stop blaming others and step out of your victim role.  That is taking responsibility to heal the proper way.  The key is learning how to contain and allow love to hold the emotions so eventually love heals the whole body.

It is up to us to heal.  We can choose to suffer by our habits which can be destructive.  For example, if you choose drugs, alcohol, or abusing every day things as an escape this is causing all of your pain.  It is time to admit it, change it and move on to better things for your life. To start you need to begin to have healthy choices concerning what you want and decide to make that your goal.  This leads to healing which in turn heals other things in your body as well.

In chapter two we can heal if we believe it.  If we believe we cannot then we will not.  Michael touches on the subject of codependency and what a vicious cycle it is and calls it “Delayed Stress Syndrome.” OUCH!  That is such a cold reality in my own life!  That is a thought-provoking idea that I am still pondering as I have already read through this book two times!  The key is to want something so badly that you will find a way to get it, heal it or challenge it.

I have written a review for the author free for my honest review.  I do see other reviews on Amazon which affirms that this is a great tool to have on any bookshelves for the self-improvement and healing reference as well as a wonderful read.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson