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The 7% Solution by John H. Graves

You can afford to retire comfortably.

If you want to learn how to manage your money to be able to live a comfortable retirement, then this is a great book. One key is to prepare so with that said you need to save, be frugal, avoid debt and tithe. Making effective decisions keeps your future secured for retirement.

In order to retire you need to ask three questions to start right;

  1. How much will you need?
  2. Where will it come from?
  3. How long will it last?

We all know that inflation and health insurance cost a lot but can you afford to retire? You are responsible for your future so remember that your retirement is about you. Start today by reading this guide book to help you create your own retirement portfolio. Do not follow a path others want you to follow. Brokers always want you to do it their way and you need to do what is best for you. This includes the fact that you may not need a financial advisor to help you. The 7% solution offers time tested, down to earth information to help you with your investments for your future retirement. So, why is the book called the 7% solution? Because it will show you how your investment portfolio may generate as much as 7% distribution rate for your retirement income! Sounds good to me! You will learn;

• What to determine your retirement income you will need

• Identify sources of income

• How to evaluate, select, monitor and manage a variety of investments

This book is a gift to everyone who reads it and especially for investors. The author has three decades of experiences, learned from his mistakes and help you succeed with your own retirement planning. May you be blessed by reading this book.

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