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miracle (Photo credit: Dudus Maximus)

You were born for this by Bruce Wilkinson

Blogging for books has asked me to review this book for free.  I am a huge fan of Bruce Wilkinson and have already read his bestseller The Prayer of Jabez.  He and his wife, Darlene, live near Atlanta.

Have you experienced any miracles in your life?  This is such a wonderful topic because Jesus performed many miracles and they still occur today.  I have had many signs and wonders happen in the form of miracles that only God could have created them for me for my life’s journey.

Bruce will walk you through some stories that happened to others which will change your life and your thoughts on miracles.  It is possible to see the miracles that God has showing up in supernatural ways each day.  Since each day is a gift from God, why not share the testimony’s through others stories!

You were born for this will change how you see the world and what you expect God can and will do through you to meet real needs.  You will find tools in this book to help you partner with God to deliver miracles to others every single day.

The end of this book gives discussion questions for each chapter and a video clip link to make the miracles visual and more real for you.

I highly recommend this book to all miracle lovers and even others who do not believe in them.  I got such inspirational messages and it was a book I can review back to later.

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