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TITLE: Narcissistic Predicaments by Sister Renee Pittelli

PublisherOutskirts Press, Inc

Genre/Market:  Religion, Christian Life, Family

Publication Date: 2010

Price:  $ 22.95

Soft copy

5 Out of 5 points


Headline for Book Review: How to deal with Narcissistic parents growing up in a world of all negativity

Quote: “Jesus never tells us to forgive someone who is not remorseful or who is unwilling to change their ways.”

When ReviewTheBook dot com sent me this book for free to do an honest review I had no idea what this book involved.  I wanted to read on how to deal with Narcissistic people whom are in my own life.  What I found out was that and so much more.

If you grew up with someone that was always negative and no supporting of you and your life and ideas then this book helps you get out of it forever.  The author talks about the 21 Rules of No Contact and the 102 Questions to Ask Yourself when deciding whether to end an abusive relationship.  You will answer those questions from your heart and be able to use the tools and strategies to overcome those whom have hurt your life in the past and how to deal with them now.

The author Sister Renee Pittelli has tons of scriptures to back up her claims which help the reader recover from the narcissistic person(s) in their lives.

Do you ever wonder what you can expect in the future, and how you will feel years from now if your abusers are no longer in your life?  This book will tell you how to get away from it all and start living your full life the way it’s supposed to be. This book helps us to set boundaries so that the abusive person(s) may not have our permission to keep violating our lives.

Lessons from the author:

  • Eventually they will lose their ability to impact you emotionally
  • They’re not even in the ballpark of normal, and they never were.
  • They are never going to be a part of your life again.
  • Not everyone is going to hurt you.
  • Healing takes time, but you will heal.













The Family Freeloader by Sister Renee Pittelli

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The Family Freeloader by Sister Renee Pittelli


I would like to say that Review the Book has given me a free copy of the family Freeloader by Sister Renee Pittelli @ 2009 for my honest review.  This is a wonderful book if you need biblical answers for the sob stories, con artist games and lazy freeloaders in your life.

The author presents testimonies which will help the reader recognize the freeloader’s schemes.   If you even suspect one person in your life as being a freeloader, the strategies Sister Pittelli tells you will help to point to what the bible says concerning freeloaders.  The secret to overcoming the freeloader’s schemes is to please GOD so that you do not carry guilt, which makes us want to help freeloaders.

This helpful book is written with humor, wisdom, and much needed common sense.  You will be able to recognize ploys, what traits freeloaders look for, sneaky tactics they use, 21 ways to spot a con artist and so much more!

If you are a people pleaser, reading this book will teach you how to avoid being taken advantage of by freeloaders of society.

May you be blessed by reading this book. The Family Freeloader by Sister Renee Pittelli

© 2012 Jackie Paulson

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