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TITLE: Empty Promises

Cover of "Plan B: What Do You Do When God...

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Author:  Pete Wilson

Author of Plan B

Forward by Rick Warren

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson Inc

Genre/Market:  Christian, religion, Spiritual Growth

Publication Date:  2012

ISBN: 978-0-8499-4651-6

Book Length: 205

Price:  $ 15.99

Soft copy

5 Out of 5 points


BookSneeze has given me this book free for my honest book review.  The opinions expressed are that of Jackie Paulson.


The author expresses how many people are starving from spiritual and emotional hunger not just starving for food.  I would have to agree on that fact.  This book helps us to answer how “there has to be more to life than this,” or “I’m bored, restless, empty and unfulfilled.”  Yes, fill in the blank and finding our life’s mission or purpose seems to be what we are all after these days, I know I am.


The author uncovers the idols we create in our own hearts when we fail to look to God to meet our deepest needs.  They include; idols of pleasure, prestige, passion, position, popularity, performance and how these let us down the path of “empty promises.”

My favorite illustration used by Wilson is the illustration of his sons arguing over who is going to pray over the meal at the dinner table. After each one making excuses Wilson states that he must step in and assign the task. He writes, “The whole routine is not only funny, but quite ironic, because apparently it never crosses these boy’s minds that maybe God can actually hear them arguing about not wanting to pray. But no adult would ever think that way. Right? Sure we would. We do it all the time.

What is true is how we pursue all people, places, and things that lead to empty promises until one day we wake up and realize it is God who we need to please and not man. When we put God first and everything else second things in our lives seem to find meaning and balance!


Pete Wilson tells of the scripture verse to help us realize that we need to follow the ten commandments and one is not worship false idols (Ex 20:3).  This is the answer to finding our mission in life as life will give us signs and wonders to get us in the right direction.


I would recommend this book to all of my family and friends to help bring us back to the basics of Christ first and keeping the kingdom of heaven and righteousness first place in our lives.

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