The Family Freeloader by Sister Renee Pittelli

I would like to say that Review the Book has given me a free copy of the family Freeloader by Sister Renee Pittelli @ 2009 for my honest review.  This is a wonderful book if you need biblical answers for the sob stories, con games and lazy freeloaders in your life.

The author presents testimonies which will help the reader recognize the freeloader’s schemes.   If you even suspect one person in your life as being a freeloader, the strategies Sister Pittelli tells you will help to point to what the bible says concerning freeloaders.  The secret to overcoming the freeloader’s schemes is to please God so that you do not carry guilt, which makes us want to help freeloaders.

This helpful book is written with humor, wisdom, and much needed common sense.  You will be able to recognize ploys, what traits freeloaders look for, sneaky tactics they use, 21 ways to spot a con artist and so much more!

If you are a people pleaser, reading this book will teach you how to avoid being taken advantage of by freeloaders of society.

May you be blessed by reading this book. The Family Freeloader by Sister Renee Pittelli

© 2012 Jackie Paulson