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Writers on the Edge By Diana M. Raab and James Brown, editors

(22 writers speak about addiction and dependency)

Hello and welcome to this review for this addiction and dependency book review.  Loving Healing Press has given me this book for my honest review.  Seeing as I use to be called an “alcoholic” I was happy to see the 22 writers who spoke their own stories of addiction, dependency and how they recovered or coped with it.

It helps each reader to read each story as one will resonate with your own personal experience as it did with mine.  If you think that addiction is a black hole it is along with drugs, alcohol and any form of habit of destructive behaviors.

You will be able to improve your awareness of addictions by just opening up this book and reading the pages.  The value is beyond words expressed here.  The truths within all shine lights on places most people never look.  Anyone who read this book, be they are addicted or recover will put it down as a changed person.  Blessings to all of you.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson