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Father Hunger by Douglas Wilson

If you are a father you will want to read this book!  This book calls all men to be the man that a father should be in the world today.  If men lead their families as Christ leads the men, then we all would benefit from Leadership.  I was happy to do a review from booksneeze as per request of this book.  My father was a workaholic and not a Christian growing up.  I was raised Catholic and did all the proper Catholic things. Today as a Christian woman and single mother I learned by the examples of others and reading books in order to know a Christian home and a non Christian home.   In today’s society if the men would “man up” and be the headship of their families in the godly fashion, life would balance wonderfully.

As the author says, we are all to be treated as equals.  In a court of law, for example, we know that the rules governing admissible evidence should not vary in accordance with the income brackets of the defendant.   This is what we can expect from God on the final day we meet up with God on Judgment day.  We will all be held accountable to our relationship with Christ and we will all be equal.  Our men in this world need to remember their “first love” of Christ and feed on it daily.

What this book does is take you through thoughtful, timely, richly engaging excursion into our cultural of the absent father in our world.  Filled with practical ideas and self evaluation told, Father Hunger encourages and challenges all men to become the man God intended “them” to be.

© 2012 Jackie Paulson