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Cancer Clinical Trials by Tomasz M. Beer, MD and Larry W. Axmaker, Ed.D. © 2012

First of all I would like to let you know that Clinical trials are research studies in which people help doctors find ways to improve health and cancer care. Each study tries to answer scientific questions and to find better ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat cancer.

Before reading this resourceful book I did not know what all was involved in clinical trials.  The author will help you decided if you would like to be in a clinical trial as one of your options to healing your cancer.  The book highlights questions to ask before and during a clinical trial to aid you in your process of decision making.

The book opens with a discussion of what cancer is and the many ways in which it is treated.  If you have had cancer than this is a nice review.  Although for someone such as myself whom knew nothing about cancer or clinical trials; I learned that this book is a complete resource guide and helpful to have on my bookshelves.

© 2012 written by Jackie Paulson