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A Practical Guide to Prosperous Living by J. Douglas Bottorff © 2009


When ReviewTheBook dot come offered me this wonderful book to review, I knew I was missing something concerning my own life and my own beliefs about prosperity.  Bottorff’s book helped me to organize my life in a way to balance my wrong beliefs about prosperity to better utilize his tools for my future benefit.  This book will do the same for you.

J. Douglas Bottorff’s book will give you the tools, guidelines and the practical information you need to understand the principles of prosperity and how to put them to work in your own life.  If you want to open new doors of prosperity and deepen your spiritual life, this is one book you will want to read.

The author’s goal with his book is to awaken to your true potential as a prosperous person in a real world of confusion. He will show you the way to evolve your prosperity from the inside out, to touch your inmost truth and to live your life the way it’s intended to be.  To better understand how to do this Bottorff’s book clearly defines three modes of consciousness that we see expressed thought-out the human family. These are basic survival, creative survival and artistic expression. Without spoiling this book you must read it in order to fully understand that prosperity is for everyone who wishes to pursue their dreams and learn from others.  They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear, and J. Douglas Bottorff is the teacher we all need in our lives I the 21st century.
© 2012 Written by Jackie Paulson