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Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery by Barbara Sinor, PHD © 2010


Loving Healing Press gave me this free copy for my honest review and it’s the second book in 2012 that I have read by this one author.  Barbra Sinor is a wonderful advocate for helping those in need of recovery from addictions.

If you have a substance abuse of any kind or addiction Barbara Sinor is one of the best authors for learning from others personal experiences to a road to recovery.  Her “call for stories” led to two years of putting together her book.  You will learn;

How an addict’s life begins

Understanding the difficulties

Uncover your denial

The statistics of how many stay straight and sober

Learn about the national addiction population

Learn why that Something, More means so much to so many

What happens when the addict or alcoholic losses the battle

How you can help the addicts in your life.

If we want to change our addictions we need to make a life transformation and change for the better.  This book goes beyond help by teaching from other’s real life experiences.

© 2012 Written by Jackie Paulson