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Healing Your Church Hurt by Stephen Mansfield is a wonderful read for any Christian.  The author will help you understand why God made his church.  Did you know that the first church was built on a rock in the book of Acts?

Although this book was written for pastors, I have been given this book by Tyndale publisher for my honest review. The books messages is to help pastors confront, expose, and help heal past hearts from pastors and leaders in the church–as well as help church heal from and repent of the hurts they have inflicted on pastors. And make no mistake; just because a pastor or leader is gone and another one is in place, the hurt and scars have not left even though a new era of ministry has started.

Christ has a message to all the churches today.  The author illustrates from scripture and his own experience how to heal your church hurt.  If your church is going through pain, this book will begin to help you understand what Christ is trying to say to your church.  Pick up a copy today, especially if you are a pastor or in the church ministry.

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