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Title of Book:  The Secret Power of Middle Children by Catherine Salmon PHD and Katrin Schaumann


It is important that you know who you are as a Middle Child.  Here are the Contents of this wonderful book that focus’ on Middle Children:

  1. The myth of middle child
  2. How do you know if you are a middle child
  3. Middle Children are brilliant negotiators
  4. Middle children are Trailblazers
  5. Middle children are Justice Seekers
  6. Middle Children in the workplace
  7. Middle Children as friends and lovers
  8. Parenting as a middle child
  9. Middle children as Parents

10. Looking for the future

11. Bibliography

12. Index

I realize as a middle born child that there are not many books written that dedicates itself to just the middle child born!  I was so interested in what this author had to say.

I find so many of the words to be true in this book.  I am a middle child and it is true that when I was younger I would make my family my friends not necessarily my real family I was born into.  I did feel neglected and overlooked and wanted attention in any way I could get it as my parents paid more attention to the first and last born children in our family.  As I am older I am over this now.

I also find it true to be a justice seeker and truthseeker!  It is just like it’s my natural ability to do these things.

I would recommend any middle child to get this book to learn the truth about the middle born children personality.

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