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Unintended Consequences by Bill Shaner © 2010

Lessons from a life almost lost http://www.billshaner.com/

A true story of spiritual awakening

This is one remarkable true story about Bill Shaner’s life before he had his life changing accident and after his accident.  I accepted this book for an honest review from review the book dot-com.  I always love a true story don’t you?

I think we all have to face life’s challenges to make us stronger and to help us in our walk spiritually.  Each life experience is here to teach us valuable lessons and once we have learned them we move on to the next.  I know this to be a fact in my life and I know it to be a fact in Bill Shaner’s life too!

Bill Shaner’s life was going along smoothly and then while at work at a construction site he was working on, the walls came down on top of him.  He should have been dead, but instead was rescued by a remarkable set of miraculous set of people whom all helped him on this road from death to life.

Bill became paralyzed from the waist down after his accident and was told he would never walk again.  With the odds against him, he never gave up and to this day he is walking, speaking, traveling and encouraging others in his new life with Christ.

What you will discover if you read his book is;

  1. 14 universal laws
  2. How to become still and receive the answers you need now
  3. How to observe to make better life choices
  4. Why being OK with yourself is important
  5. Ways to clean up self-defeating negative patterns
  6. How you create your reality and how you can have the life you dream of

If you are looking for a breakthrough in your life, then this book is for you!