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Reality Creation 101 by Christopher A. Pinckley

Mastering Manifestation through Awareness

This wonderful book was created in 2008 and written beyond its predictions of what happens when you follow the Law of Attraction and manifest your desires.

You will learn;

  • How to heal your unconscious
  • Understand the process of manifestation
  • How to release emotional wounds
  • How to quit the cycle of self sabotage
  • Become powerful
  • Become self aware

The author had much success when he did a program with Dr. Joe Vitale with much popularity of “Money Beyond Belief” program.  Christopher is no stranger to the Law of Attraction, perhaps this book is a complete manual for learning it and it acts as a guidebook to help the reader understand in a simple fashion.  We all love stories and Christopher Pinckley tells personal stories that help us all learn and remember how the Law of Attraction applies to him and to our own lives.

If you are tired of feeling powerless to create what you want in life this book will help you.  If you are not sure what you are attracting in your life and why you are attracting certain circumstances this book walks you through how to conquer it. You know if you are on the right track when you are creating the life of your desires effortlessly.

“The Art of Manifestation is the ability to harness spiritual energy to create specific things in your life on command. “  The more you practice the techniques in this book the faster you will get the results you wish for.

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