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Publication Date: 2012

Book Length:  209

Soft copy

5 Out of 5 points

Headline for Book Review: The day in the life of a Police Man!

I wish to thank Zach Fortier for providing me his book for my honest review.  This is Zack Fortier’s second book that I have read and that he has published.  His book tells of his life as a cop and dealing with calls that he personally has gone on and some details that could be considered “harsh” to an average reader.  Since I am a Security officer I am fascinated by what Zach shares in his life experiences.

Even from experiences as a Security Officers the public has often stereotyped police officers and security as being lazy, hanging out in a donut shop, McDonalds, and 24 hour convience stores.  Oh how I wish they knew why!  So does Zach!

One thing for sure is that unless you are a cop and walked a day in their shoes do not judge any one of them!

On page 16: “They think you are there for a walking almanac of information at their disposal.”  This quote resonates with me as a security officer with experience as well.

On page 37: “All the arrest control tactics we were taught as cops only work if the suspect is feeling pain and if the suspect is on a drug often times, they feel no pain at al.  The arrest can become combative!

In Chapter nine Zack talks to a woman for six hours when she wanted to commit suicide.  To his credit years later, she thanks Zach for taking part in saving her life.

There is so much more to the average day in any police work or security work!  This is one of the best real life stories I have ever read!

© 2012 Jackie Paulson