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Two Women Same Place Same Man by Billy Whitlock

This romantic and somewhat of a comedy is a book I wanted to read as Billy is a personal friend of mine whom I met on a job site.   I believe we all want to have a true love in our lifetime and we are fortunate when love takes its spell upon us to become the love of our lives.  Billy does a wonderful job in his book with his character development and the easy to read 154 page book.

He opens his book by saying, “It isn’t ironic how a man desires to have a good woman?”  He tells of his story of two women who fall in love with a good-looking African-American male with the professional career as a surgeon.  His name is Dr. Sharif Wallace and when he is not working to save lives in the E.R. he is savoring every moment he can with the love of his life.

Billy Whitlock portrays in words that true love does exist and it’s never too late to realize that!  He also touches on the “divine” and I quote him, “God will never leave you nor lead you astray, that’s why He made you the beautiful woman you are today.”

Dr. Sharif Wallace is all man busy in his professional career as a surgeon when an unexpected lady named Jessica captures his attention.  He finds it hard to balance his professional life with his new found romance.  Jessica has a hard time with love as she was abused by her former husband and has a hard time trusting new relationships with men when she falls madly in love for the very first time.  Can Dr. Sharif Wallace keep both his career and the woman he loves?  If you have two hours this book will take you from one chapter to the next wondering how on earth being a woman can put a man into her spell with an everlasting love we all long for.

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