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Book Review: “The Ministry of Christ 1000 DAYS” by Jonathan Falwell


Book Review: “The Ministry of Christ 1000 DAYS” by Jonathan Falwell Reviewed by Jackie Paulson © 2012 for BookSneeze

1000 Days offers insight into what Jesus has to say about life and the concept of finding “the happiness of less” and finding true inner peace.

I blog for free books and I discovered Jonathan Falwall’s book when I picked it out from BookSneeze and its many choices they provide.  Reading about Jesus and his life ministry is easy to do as a fellow believer in Christ.  As my brothers and sisters can understand reading the bible and gaining insight to Jesus’ true life only comes from reading the bible.  Although I discovered that sometimes when I read a book, I can gain knowledge that I had not considered before.



I’m not so sure what I expected from the book.  Maybe something along the lines of “A Year with Jesus” by R. P. Nettelhorst or “Belief Matters” by Pete Briscoe, or any of those types of Christian books that help me to learn.  Each book I read comes with different insights to be gained.

“The Ministry of Christ 1000 DAYS” by Jonathan Falwell is a wonderful read with added Bible Study Guide to help with small groups.

For all intents and purposes, it is a book to help ease your feelings of helplessness in the 21st century.  The author starts out by telling a story of a documentary film he watched about a couple who had devoted their entire lives to climbing mountains.  This couple, when questioned why they do it replies that they can’t seem to get enough.    They are always restless and never satisfied.  It reminds me of my own life and trying to find my own inner peace.

After reading 1000 Days I find myself learning again about the many things Jesus did while on earth and the life of Christ. While I am on a life long journey to understanding Jesus I learned through this book, about his ministry and how to implement Jesus’ behavior for my life today.

I loved this book. I’ve passed it on to friends singing its praises.

QUOTE: “So is he who lays up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.”  Luke 12:21

Jackie Paulson © 2012 All Rights Reserved