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I would like to acknowledge BOOKSNEEZE for providing me a free book for my honest review of Our Favorite Sins by Todd D. Hunter.  This 2012 Book teaches us the sins we commit and how to overcome them.

“O wretched man who I am – who will deliver me from this body of death.”

(ROMANS 7:24).

I believe we all sin and this book speaks volumes on what the common sins today are and how to overcome them.  It is important to first become aware of what sins are most prevalent in today’s society such as procrastination, overeating, internet, social media, laziness, anxiety and many more.

“Keep away from worldly desires that wage war against your very should.”

(1 Peter 2:11)

What are the top Temptations according to Todd Hunter the author?  Todd talks about them as he found his statistics from the “Barna Survey.”

  1. Being stuck in a rut of apprehension about life.
  2. Habits of procrastination cannot do what needs to be done in a timely manner.
  3. Temptation to eat too much.
  4. Temptations to electronic devices and social media in the internet.
  5. Laziness is a huge temptation by not working as hard as expected in their occupations.

If you are a Christian and struggle with any sin or temptations this is an easy to read book with scriptures to back up all of his claims.  Todd knows how to capture your attention as he has struggled often and failed with sins in his life.  He has thirty years of pastoral experience and he now teaches how to let God have control of you and your sins.

If you need a solution to your own temptations Todd points to practical, biblical, and time-tested solutions.  He has a prayer to pray at the end of every chapter to help you in any struggle you might be having today.

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