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FAITH, Stirred Not Shaken by Robert De Filippis was published in 2011.  Robert is a retired Organizational Consultant ad Executive Coach.  He resides in his hometown of Herrin, Illinois.

I received this book for free for my review from Reader Favorite.

In reviewing this book published by Outskirts Press I have to say I would not recommend it to young reader who is not interested in exploring the Miracle between science and religion.  It is more of a Philosophy book with many claims to back up the author’s theories on science and relation and its western belief systems of society.

Robert had his religious beliefs from childhood which tested his faith throughout his lifetime.  In 1990 he put to rest his ex-wife after a year of divorce which he and their children stayed with her until her last breath.  On Dec of 1991 he received a call from his father that his sister Connie was in the hospital and going to die.  Connie was in her mid twenties and pregnant and died of a cerebral hemorrhage.  Thus the baby died as well as the mother.  And lastly, Roberts’s youngest son Anthony became seriously ill.  He developed lymphoma and had a tumor on his left lung and after much prayer the final diagnoses was a horrible infection but that Anthony would be fine.

In conclusion, can we learn a new way of understanding the truth that we have tried to grasp with our religious principles?  Please read this book if you want to find the right answers to your own questions.

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