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On the Job Spirituality: Finding God in Work by Marianne E. Roche

I found this handy book at a resale store for one dollar.  What I did not realize is how important of resource this book has become into my daily life style.  A book to change one’s life with the lessons it teaches.  I thought, why not blog about each chapter!

Chapter 1:  Christ’s Work

If we are to follow the words of Christ and lead by example then we need to develop a Christian attitude at work.  Jesus was a known carpenter, preacher, teacher, and healer by “meeting the needs of others.”  In most of my reading of the bible those that needed healing or needing Christ, they would follow after Jesus.  Yes, they sought Him out.  Why did they have to seek out Him?  This is because Jesus was always on the go, traveling, moving and meeting the needs of others.  Am I right?

Jesus did not need Security as we do today with a family, a house, a job, material possessions, etc…He was always moving around and He relied on the generosity of others for his basic necessities.  That included; food, shelter, water, friends, etc.  He did not let His own plans dictate His agenda rather he went where the people needed him most.

In order to follow Christ we must rest, pray and reflect…which means get the proper sleep to be prepared mentally to meet the needs of others in our daily walk with Christ.  Praying for those who need our prayers.  Finally, reflect by being alone with Christ in His words and quiet time to renew our minds to continue to meet the needs of others around us.

If you wish to comment please do so below.  Sharing is what Christ wishes us to do.