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Cold Quarry by Andy Straka.

Mystery and Investigation












I have received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for your review from the author Andy Straka.

This book took me three hours to read on my digital download program.  Although I do many book reviews I don’t do many in digital format.  I was excited to read this book due to the investigative and mystery settings of this book.  There is a “spoil Alert” in this review as it was well worth doing the review and a book I could not put down.  If you are into investigation, mystery type books this book will take you all the way through an investigation that the ending will shock you into reality.  What I especially liked about this book is the history that the author had done because of his mentioning things like 9-1-1, Oklahoma bombing and Hitler with his pigeons as trained messengers.

Betty and Chester Carew married thirty years and adopted one son named Jason who in the story is eight years old. Chester is a retired chemical engineer. Chester owns a special type of foundry Hawk that he takes on his hunting on the property he owns.  Chester has a huge love of animals but especially his bird (ELO).

One day when Betty did not hear back from Chester for a known doctor appointment she called Frank Pavlicek to investigate.  As Frank knows the hunting areas of Chester, he heads up to through the woods to get any clues and as he was searching for clues, a masked man tried to kill him. Frank manages to escape and the man runs free.

As the story unfolds three people are found dead and the mystery continues to shock you until the very end.

Written by Jackie Paulson © 2012