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TITLE: Spirit Wars

Great book on Deliverance! 2012

Author: Kris Vallotton Foreward by Bill Johnson

It’s the first of January in the year 2012 and I have read two great books so far and the book by Kris Vollotton gave me insights to deliverance and all that it involves that I had not heard of in my past.

What the author tells of his real life story of years being attacked by the devil and his schemes during bouts of heavy anxiety attacks that plague him for years.  He tells his story while being married, moving, dealing with his issues, and the birth of two children.  This man endures adversity and the devil head on and tells how we can be delivered from attacks that seem to plague us more than one time.

Quote: “I became reclusive and never wanted to be around people.”

After reading that quote and having to deal with my own spiritual battles and depression, I realized I am being attacked and I am not alone.

Isn’t it true that as Christians we tend to retreat at the first sign of conflict because we fail to recognize the true nature of the battle doing on inside us?  I have experienced much of demonic bondage, torment and have been delivered myself.  Kris is the pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California.  He leads a Supernatural Ministry and has been able to deliver others from their demonic oppression, first hand.  If you want to win the invisible battle against sin and the devil you need to pick up this book now!

I was given this book for my honest review.  © 2011 Jackie Paulson