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My friend Jomar Hilario sent me this email and I was hoping that we all could share how we feel about it?
I want this blog to be about book and book reviews…but I do have to use my EYES, and talk about other loves of mine too.
As the Holiday’s approach I wanted to share my Feelings…I don’t mean to be down but I have no job and no money and I did not get or give any gifts.  I have to say this is the worst Christmas ever in my 45 years in History of Life on Earth.  My only goal is to get or find a job.  Bless all of you…
Definitely you should never THINK of what to blog about. I’ve talked to hundreds of people and you know what -thinking about what to blog about NEVER WORKS.
So let’s throw away your thought process. Instead, use your EYES.
Do you collect anything? Like postcards, stamps, photos of bathtubs, cellphones, love letters?
How about trading cards, tv shows, pirated (!) dvds, girl power novels?
Blog about these.
Jomar Hilario
P.S. If you collect NOTHING, then blog about your greatest problem. When you blog about it however, please be very very graphic. Consider it Therapy. 🙂 Include pictures and details. And I don’t mean one blog post only. Make it 10-20 posts detailing your problems in life.