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Yea! I’m so excited about this award! Thanks to Casey at Writing for Christ & 

-Gave Jackie Paulson this award: Jackie will add to it tomorrow…. ♥
I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. I believe in the Trinity. I believe that Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, came to earth and even though He was sinless and perfect, He died on that cross at Calvary. I believe He was buried and on the third day He arose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. I believe the finished work of His death, burial, and resurrection is the only way for forgiveness of sins and salvation to all that believe. I LOVE to read and listen to music. I love watching NHL games! I enjoy crocheting and cross-stitching. I’m also a vegan. 🙂

The rules are:

1. I must tell seven things about myself.

2. I must pass the award on to 15 other bloggers.

  1. I think chocolate chip cookies are so delicious!
  2. I love receiving blog awards 🙂
  3. I like to workout using the Wii
  4. Two of my favorite workout games for the Wii are ‘The Biggest Loser Challenge‘ and ‘Gold’s Gym Dance Workout
  5. I know how to crochet
  6. I also know how to knit, but not very well
  7. One of my favorite board games is ‘CLUE’
I’m passing this award to:
From Jackie Paulson
  1.  I love to read
  2. I love to get my nails done
  3. I love to get awards from bloggers
  4. I love Christmastime
  5. I love to study and learn new things
  6. I always laugh at the movie Elf
  7. My favorite quotes are from Gandhi
  8. I grew up with 7 kids in my family
  9. I dream of writing my book and ebooks
  10.   My favorite thing is sleeping