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Book Review of Heartache and Sin by Charles Soto

Heartache & Sin

Karen and Steven Wheaton are married and Karen cannot have children because of her diabetes and this is heartache for Karen as a Christian woman.  Karen’s mother has died from diabetes thus leaving no living relatives for her in her life with Steven but Steven’s family.  Steven has two brothers his younger brother is called “Spider” and he smokes and doesn’t like the Christian church rules and is more of a rebel.  Spider’s real name is (Todd) at birth but he prefers “spider.”

Pastor Ryan McDonald is the pastor of the “Church of Resurrection” a new church in North Dakota and he is married to Mary and they have two sons Joshua and Jonas.

The story tells of the worst drought in a long time and Pastor McDonald preaches on page 11, “Lambs looking for guidance.”

The Stevens’ family attends the Catholic Church in town and that is all they know.  Thus, the story unfolds as the two pastors (McDonalds and Fr. Francis) attend dinner together. Steven Wheaton does not like the new pastor or church and his messages he preaches.  He and believes there is deceit in what he says.  The problem is that his wife Karen adores the new pastor and his ways of preaching. Steven is determined to get to the bottom of the lies and deceit of the new pastor.  He then attends the church with his wife Karen to investigate (privately) to be able to get to the bottom of his beliefs.  As they attend the events and the church he finds out that it is more of a “compound or cult” than a “church.”  On a personal note: This reminded me of the “Waco, TX” massacre.  What Steven finds out is that the Pastor is beating and abusing his wife Mary and privately tries to help Mary.

What I love is the battle of The Catholic ways vs.  The “other” ways of the new church -this is a cult.”  I learned that the cult is one to deceive in many ways to gather dysfunctional families or anyone with low self esteem to be “followers” of the Head Pastor.  It’s like they all have to do exactly what “he” wants or be “punished.”  Jesus does not preach or say such words.  I could not put this book down as I was enticed to see what would unfold in the next chapter.  I especially loved this quote, “Page 42, “I see ya brought your bible, it ‘as a part of my body.”

@ 2011 Written by Jackie Paulson requested by Author